Lorenzo Negri

Digital Strategist

Digital skills

Digital management

I take care of manage companies and institutions digital projects by using innovative digital tools. Heading the team management, planning, organizing and directing of the project completion while ensuring his are on time, on budget and within scope.


Early adopter and blockchain expert since 2014, I support companies and start-ups to learn about this technology and to implement it in case of useful, concrete and real applications.

brand strategy

I support innovative and enterprising companies who decide to invest in their digital reputation through marketing efforts, digital communication and advertising campaigns in order to always be competitive and in step with the times.


I have been in the crypto world since 2012, considering myself an expert from both a technical and speculative point of view. By offering training services on what is increasingly becoming a new and recognised global investment asset.


I offer training services regarding speculative and technical trading in the crypto world and traditional markets. Learning to know and manage platforms, signals, indicators and all the useful tools to be able to trade safely.


Over the years, I have developed direct experience, skills and a network of pros and insiders in various investment fields, including the stock market, crypto world, investment funds and crowdfunding campaigns.
Lorenzo Negri 2020


Lorenzo Negri 2020

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